The 70/20/10 Facebook Posting Rule

When the first small business marketers ventured into the brave new world of social media, one of their most arduous tasks was finding information about what they should be posting to get more likes and better engagement. Well, when it rains, it pours.

Now the internet is flooded with articles about how to manage a small business social media presence. A Google search on the topic will return more results than you could ever hope to read.

So when a tool, trick, or pneumonic device comes along that gives clear directions and is easy to remember, we should all take notice (and bookmark it).

One such resource is 70/20/10 Facebook Posting Rule defined by Crystal Vilkaitis, Social Media Director at SnapRetail. As you can see from the infographic below, Vilkaitis breaks down a business’s social media posts into 3 categories, and provides a guide for how much of your content should come from each.

Adding Value and Brand Building: 70%

Sharing Others’ Posts and Ideas: 20% 

Promoting Yourself or Your Business: 10%

Do you follow these guidelines? What kind of results have you seen from your posting strategy?

[click to enlarge]


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