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Facebook advertising is renowned for its flexibility, customization features, and large reach. It’s a component of nearly every successful digital marketing strategy and continues to offer strong conversions. However, if you truly want to maximize the value of Facebook advertising for your brand, you must get better at image selection and implementation. Here are some tips to help point you in a positive direction:

1. People Want to See People
Content marketing is becoming increasingly visual. Videos and infographics have replaced static blog posts in the hierarchy of content and it’s clear that Facebook advertisers need to focus on the visual nature of their digital marketing campaigns as much as the calls-to-action. With that in mind, there’s no need to go crazy and develop eye-popping visuals. In fact, simple may be better.

According to research, a smiling woman may be the optimal choice. “The best types of images to use in Facebook advertising are of happy women,” writes SEM expert Mona Elesseily. “Women who look overjoyed, free and are looking directly at the camera convert best. Also, try images of women who joyfully have their arms in the air.” This just goes to show that people like to connect with other people.

2. Incorporate Your Logo
If Facebook advertising is a priority of yours – and you’re committed to leveraging the platform for months and years to come – it’s a good idea to begin branding images with your logo. You won’t see much of an impact in the first few weeks, but as you consistently serve impressions of your ads to the same users, you’ll naturally build some brand recognition.

The key to incorporating your logo is to be subtle. A large, loud logo is going to be more obnoxious than effective. For best results, put your logo on top of a strong image and ensure it takes up no more than 20% of the total ad space. Something along the lines of 10-15% is ideal.

3. Carefully Consider Colors
If your goal is to stand out, you need to think about colors. Bright colors like red and yellow are more effective because they stand out against Facebook’s blue, white, and grey theme. However, did you know that orange is the best? It’s less alarming than red, warmer than yellow, and is considered gender neutral. You also won’t see a lot of orange on Facebook newsfeeds, so it helps your ads stand out.

4. Simple is Best
When developing Facebook ads, you have to remember that you’re working with a relatively small area. Because of this, you don’t want to get complicated. The smaller the area, the more congested your ads become when you add different elements. One or two objects in the foreground with a consistent color in the background are ideal.

5. Split Testing is Your Friend
Do you have multiple image options? Not quite sure which one to use? Then you could benefit from split testing. Using Facebook’s Power Editor, you can run two identical ads to the same target audience and make small tweaks. In this case, you could run the same call to action with different images to see which one converts better.

Choose Images Wisely
No aspect of Facebook advertising has the ability to hamper or further the success of a campaign quite like the images you choose. The right image can create huge spikes in your click through rate, while the wrong image can lead to a wasted budget with very few conversions. Using the tips mentioned in this article, you can enhance your image selection and ensure your ad strategy is much more effective and worthwhile.

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About the Author: Larry Alton is an independent business consultant specializing in social media trends, business, and entrepreneurship. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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