Today’s post comes from Pagemodo’s Lead Analyst, Alex Mitchell.

So you’ve built a great brand on social media, used our tips on how to target the fastest growing demographic, and expanded to new social media network platforms.  You can just sit back, relax, and let the followers, likes, and eventually customers come to your business, right?

Wrong: Social media is a constantly evolving playing field and what worked yesterday might not work today.

In this industry, the only thing that is constant is change.  It’s for that reason that we want to share 5 easy tests that you can try this week or this month to improve your business, attract more customers, and further strengthen your social media brand.

1. Time of Day

It’s not rocket science; content that is posted in the middle of the night (12am – 4am) doesn’t usually go viral.  You should try to align your posting strategy with peak usage times of the social networks you are using.



Keep in mind that the optimum posting times for your business may differ.  For example, a restaurant may experience peak traffic at a later time when people are thinking about dinner.

Use Pagemodo’s post analytics to compare a week with your current posting times and one with these “test” posting times.  Let the number of retweets, click throughs, likes, shares, and views help confirm if these strategies are better for your business.

2. Content Mix
If you’ve spent more than a few hours in your life on Twitter or Facebook, you can probably agree that it’s often surprising what “goes viral” or gets a large amount of attention.  One day it’s a picture of a camel and the next day it’s a plea to bring a warlord in Africa to justice.

Given this ephemeral landscape try the below test plan on Twitter for two consecutive weeks:

Week 1:

9am: Tweet a humorous picture
12 Noon: Tweet a quote
5pm: Tweet about your business

Week 2:

9am: Tweet about your business
12 Noon: Tweet a quote
5pm: 2nd Tweet about your business

At the end of the two weeks, measure if the additional tweet about your business helped or hurt your social media metrics.

3. Contests

If you haven’t tried Social Media Contests yet, you’re likely missing out on this energizing marketing technique.  First, measure your user engagement in a “normal” week without a contest.

Then, measure your engagement in a “contest week” where you heavily promote a free giveaway or coupon for your customers.

After the two weeks are complete, you can compare the cost of the giveaway to the value of the additional likes, retweets, shares you received and decide if contests make sense for your business.

4. Repeat a Tweet

Consider repeating your important tweets or posts at least once so that they have a lower chance of being missed by your potential customers.  Research has found that you can get up to 56% more visitors from Twitter by tweeting a post a second time.

Try doubling up your tweets this week and see if you have a gain in traffic over last week!

5. Frequency

So in addition to testing doubling your tweets and posts, try testing the frequency that you post.



Let us know how these tests work for your small business and please share any other tests you’ve tried in the past!

About the Author: Alex Mitchell is the Lead Analyst for the Pagemodo Marketing team. Find more from Alex on Google+.

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