Most small businesses start out as sole proprietorships, and a great many stay that way for a long time. The business owner fills every role – from CEO to accountant to marketer and everything in between. As businesses and budgets expand, entrepreneurs will find themselves with the need and ability to seek outside help. This can mean hiring full-time employees, bringing in seasonal help, or retaining a professional agency.

While it’s always great to have another pair of hands helping you keep the lights on, entrepreneurs would do well to be prepared for the whole new set of challenges that bringing in other people can present. While you may have worked in an office setting before striking out on your own, collaboration is a whole different beast when you’re the boss.

With that in mind, check out the infographic below by, which aims to bust 5 creative productivity myths. Within this graphic, we saw 5 stats about collaboration and productivity that really stood out and seemed like good things for future bosses to be aware of:

1. Approvals of creative collateral can take up to 40 rounds before the final is approved by every member of the team.

2. People will unknowingly underestimate the amount of time a task will take them by 20-50%. If someone tells you they can do it in an hour, better plan for two to be safe.

3. After 1 month, a new employee will be at around 25% of their eventual productivity. So don’t be surprised if hiring that new person does not lead to a drastic increase in output right away.

4. For the average employee, 25% of the workday is spent on email-related tasks. Bearing this in mind, try to minimize the amount of email you send. Organize your thoughts into one or two ‘digest’ emails per day, instead of using it like a chat client.

5. 14% of each work week is wasted due to poor communication. Create systems by which everyone in the group can communicate effectively, and set expectations around response times and what should be handled face-to-face.

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Productivity infographic

Infographic courtesy of

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