When I tell people how easy it is to create brilliant custom tabs for their Facebook pages, I can practically hear them thinking “Huh, sounds hard.”

But it’s not.

The Pagemodo process consists of 5 steps, most of which involve either clicking check boxes, uploading files, or typing content.

Let us show you how easy it really is:

Step 1: Choose a Theme

Choose a beautiful template

As you probably know, templates are the world’s best shortcut. In the first step, you browse our clean, professional , customizable templates and then click on the perfect one for your business.

Having trouble choosing just one? Remember: it’s beneficial to create more than one custom tab for your Facebook fan page! For example, a salon would benefit from creating a “Welcome” tab (using any themed, simple, or video template),  a “Coupon” tab to provide discounts to fans, and a “Contact Form” tab for fielding questions and acquiring new leads.

Step 2: Modify Your Theme

The point of making a custom Facebook tab is to use your company’s colors and thereby promote your brand. In this step, you can adjust the template’s color scheme to do exactly that. You can even change the background of the tab to incorporate a theme, a color, or an image:

You can also choose cool features to include on the bottom half of your custom tab, such as a contact form, a map, another photo, or even your twitter feed! No technical skills needed; our templates do the work:

Step 3: Edit Your Content

Facebook is a visual medium, which is why our templates have plenty of spots for photos:

Edit your content

Click on an image holder in the template to easily upload and crop photos (JPGs, PNGs, or GIFs). Click into a text box area to type short, clear messages about your business or about the valuable items you’ll be sharing on Facebook (like a fan coupon). With so many formatting options,  you can make your content match the content on your website, blog, and other branded materials:

Step 4: Add a Like Gate

Pagemodo users with Pro or Agency Packages can use a “like” gate (aka a “reveal tab”) to cover up the content on any or all of their custom tabs. The cover only gets removed once a visitor “likes” your Facebook page. It’s an easy way to rack up many more “likes” for your business (find out why “likes” are important).

If you haven’t gone Pro yet, you can either move onto the next step or check the “like” gate box anyway and upgrade to Pro as part of the final step…..

Step 5: Publish Your Custom Tab on Your Facebook Fan Page

Can you believe you’re already done? All that’s left is to preview your tab, name it, share it, and hit the install button to make your brilliant custom tab appear on your business Facebook page.

For more inspiration, check out custom Facebook pages made by Pagemodo users and then sign up with Pagemodo to get started!

And don’t forget: before you can create a custom tab with Pagemodo, you must first set up your Facebook fan page (here are instructions on how to do so). That way, you can add the custom tab to your business’s page:

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