In case you hadn’t heard, one of our favorite international holidays is coming up next week on June 30th – Social Media Day! Started by the great folks at Mashable in 2010, Social Media Day is intended to “recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes.” (Mashable)

So how can you take part in the 5th annual celebration of all things social? We’ve got 4 suggestions:

1. Attend a Social Media Day Meetup
Take a little break from interacting in the digital space and get some face time with other social media professionals in your area. There are dedicated Meetups occurring all over the world, so there might just be one in a city near you. Check locations here.

2. Make a Social Media Day Vine (by midnight!)
Mashable is accepting entries in their #1Connection Vine video campaign until tomorrow (Friday, June 27) at 12:01am. Entrants will be paired up with each other on social media and will have a chance to get featured on (which would be huge for your exposure, by the way). Might be worth tearing yourself away from the World Cup for!

3. Get You Hashtag On
There will be a whole lot of tweeting (and posting and Instagramming) going on throughout June 30th, so make a point to get in on the conversation. One of the major purposes of Social Media Day is to highlight the importance of making even one new connection with another influencer on social media. One of the best ways to do that is by using the day’s popular hashtags, like #SMDay and #1Connection, and following @Mashable on Twitter.

4. Show Your Social Profiles Some Love
Not that you should ever need a reason, but Social Media Day serves as a great reminder to take a look at your social profiles and make sure you’re keeping them fresh. With the updates to Twitter’s profile, and Facebook’s new page layout, there are plenty of opportunities to show your fans and followers you understand the importance of fresh, engaging visuals. And if you do find yourself in need of a new cover photo or some post graphics, we’ve got you covered.

Happy Social Media Day 2014 everybody! 

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