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More than ever, marketers are pressured to create original, engaging, and shareable content for the masses to consume. But when people only remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, and are exposed to an increasing amount of content each year (brands increased content by 78% in 2014), it is hard to stay motivated when creating a content marketing plan.

That’s why many of us are relying on visual content to appeal to the 80% of people who remember what they see and do in order to combat these overwhelming statistics. Infographics are a great visual content piece that can achieve this retention goal with your audience; which is why when we found this Feldman Creative infographic on Infobrandz about 25 concepts for creating infographics (SO meta), we knew we had to share with our loyal readers!

It gives ideas like explaining a process, making a comparison, or presenting a timeline in a visual way, and even suggests to represent biographies, stories, or manifestos in an infographic.

BONUS: One trick not mentioned in the infographic is that you can use intuitive design tools, like Pagemodo Post Designer, to create quick, engaging, and professional-quality content for your users without the hassle or expense of waiting for a designer to create the graphic for you. This differentiates your social media campaign, and gives you the opportunity to reuse the graphic in a blog post later on to expand on the topic.

For more ideas and infographic concepts, check out the full graphic below and leave any of your favorites you learned in the comments!

Infobrandz Infographic

About the Author: Deanna Zaucha is the Senior Specialist of Content Marketing for Webs and Pagemodo, and also manages our social media presence. She can be found on a dance floor, or on her iPhone keeping up with trends in marketing and tech. Get more from Deanna on Pagemodo’s Blog and Twitter.


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