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Social media is great, right? It’s a chance to build community, to prospect to new customers, and to create buzz about new things that you’re doing.

But social media holds pitfalls and can be rocky terrain for many small businesses. The wrong post, the wrong photo, and a company can quickly gain an unwanted reputation. And a digital footprint? That’s forever: it never goes away.

And blunders are going to happen. Someone is going to perceive a post in the wrong way. The question is, when one happens, what can you do to fix it?

Well, for starters, your approach to social media should not be haphazard. You need to work across your marketing, sales, and communication teams to define clear goals, set a calendar, and be strategic about content. Unlike a personal Twitter account, a professional Twitter handle should follow clear objectives and the data that measures its success should be monitored.

And you should commit the resources necessary to build your followers organically—not to buy them. That’s a pitfall that can easily be tracked by anyone, and it’s one that makes your efforts seem false and ill-intended.

There can be the temptation to use social media just to sell, sell, sell. But that is a great way to discourage people from following your accounts. In fact, the ideal mix is about 80/20—80 percent of non-promotional sales content, 20 percent of direct sales content.

You’ll also create a huge mess for yourself if you don’t respond to complaints. You must have a strategy and talking points for helping them work through what’s happened—and help your company to learn from the experience too.

What other mistakes might happen—and how can you move forward? This graphic can help you avoid making big social media mistakes and create the best impression on your target audience.

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