Back in August, we discussed best practices for creating a winning Cover Photo for your company’s Facebook Timeline Page. In that post, we talked about how you can either use a single large image from your own library, or create a custom Cover Photo to really reflect your brand’s character.

If you’re not a graphic designer with professional creative software at your fingertips, a great resource for making custom images is Pagemodo’s Cover Photo Designer. Since its launch in mid-August, 2012, thousands of people have used the tool to create fantastic Cover Photos that show off their company’s personality. So today, we’d like to share some great customer-created images. Congrats to the companies below on a job well done!

1. EcoLuxLife used a multiple image layout to really showcase their products. They also created great visuals  with a consistent color scheme.

2. Invitation Discounters combines a colorful background with classic black & white images of their printed products. They reinforce their brand by topping the image off with their logo.

3.  Perreca’s shows off their bold branding with bright colors alongside mouthwatering images of their menu items.

4. Jay Andrews Salon & Spa puts their logo front and center against a backdrop that shows who they are and what they do.

5. Positive Results Marketing uses a less-is-more approach with two colors, one image, and a short, direct tagline.

6. Red Onion Cafe shows visitors their interior design, cuisine and their storefront, and then establishes their community roots with a little intro text.

7. Sandra Coan Photography uses a bold, high contrast image to get your attention and show her professionalism. The contrast and tone of her profile picture matches the Cover Image perfectly – which is subtle but important.

8. Shorganics establishes a mood of serenity with their background image, while showing off their products and letting visitors know what they do with a tagline.

9. Studio K at Home uses 4 bubbles to showcase their aesthetic against an organic backdrop that makes their products pop.

10. Wags and Wiggles uses bright, fun colors to reflect their brand’s personality and show visitors what they offer upfront. The colors of their logo are reflected in their design, which is another professional touch.

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