The Holidays can be tough. What is often a relaxing break from work, a joyous time with family, and a reflection on all of the positive things in life can sometimes get off track and becomes something that more closely resembles National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

After all, who doesn’t have a Cousin Eddie in their family?

To help you (and your business) survive the holidays with unexpected family members, Christmas lighting mishaps, and often poorly prepared food, we’ve put together a list of 10 things that will help you relax, manage mayhem, and enjoy your holidays:

1. Beats Wireless Headphones

One of the best ways to get in the spirit this time of year is to turn on some holiday music. But, not everyone likes those classic tunes. If you’re among them, cut the cord, stay connected to your own music, and maintain focus up to 30 feet away from your device with the new Beats Wireless Headphones.

2. Netflix

This one’s a real no-brainer. If you don’t count yourself among Netflix’s over 50 million subscribers already, buy yourself some quiet(er) time with the family by choosing from their Top Holiday Movies.

3. Dropcam

Traveling this holiday season? Make sure that your house or business is safe while you’re gone, directly from your smartphone. Also, Dropcam will send you instant notifications if it detects motion where there shouldn’t be any.

4. Amazon Echo

The Holidays should be a relaxing time for both mind and body. Make sure you achieve this goal with the Amazon Echo, an always-on Siri-type assistant for your home that can answer any question you may have, play music on demand, and even purchase those last minute gifts.

5. Waze

Almost no holiday season is complete without the trip to [insert family member]’s house. After you overload the car with gifts, people, and gas, make sure you find the best route with Waze, a free GPS app that uses user-submitted reports to help you avoid traffic and speeding tickets.

6. Nest

The holidays are expensive, with the average family spending almost $1,000 during the month of December on gifts. Nest helps you save money on heating and cooling by learning your schedule and programming itself. Plus, it can be controlled completely from your smartphone while you’re away. Save even more by picking up one for your business, since the office will likely be pretty empty this time of year.

7. Coupons at Checkout

If you’re like most holiday shoppers, you’ll do a considerable amount of your shopping online. Make sure you’re getting the best deal by adding this nifty browser plugin that helps you automatically find coupon codes for almost any website.

8. inDinero

If you’re a small business owner, inDinero is for you. Eliminate the holiday headaches from taxes, accounting, and payroll by letting inDinero manage them for you. Best of all, it’s likely cheaper than what you’re already using!

9. Mint

Let’s face it, you’ve probably already lost track of how much you spent on the holiday gifts, travel, and decorations. Have no fear! Mint automatically categorizes your transactions into budgets to show you how you’re doing on any internet-connected device.

10. Pagemodo Post Designer

Forget to order holiday cards? Not a problem. Pagemodo Post Designer allows you to create social media post designs in minutes and share them with your entire family on all of your social networks at once. There are lots of pre-made season templates to get you started.

Hopefully this survival guide will help you have a hollier, jollier holiday season.

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