Pagemodo 10 Facebook Trends of 2015

By now we are accustomed to updates and changes from our favorite social media platform to loathe and love: Facebook.

Just this month we learned about yet another News Feed update, which led us to research ALL the changes the social media giant has gone through in 2015. Turns out that many of the statistics we learned are part of larger trends that can mean a lot to you and your business.

To digest all this information, we put together a comprehensive infographic that you can save, share, and use to strategize your social media plan for the rest of the year.

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For a better understanding of how these apply to your business, be sure to read the explanation of each trend underneath the graphic!

Pagemodo 10 Facebook Trends of 2015

1. Facebook Video Domination
We know Facebook passed YouTube for video views on desktop with nearly a billion more views than YouTube in August. And now, advertisers plan to follow the traffic. It is projected that advertisers will run more video campaigns on Facebook by the end of the year. Since Facebook is also favoring native videos in the Feed, if marketers want a successful Facebook video post, they may not have a choice.

2. Rise of the Social Wallet
Tipping a hat to Snapchat, Facebook started allowing money to be sent through Messenger. But, this only came after thorough testing of a direct ‘Buy’ button included in Facebook advertising. So what’s next? F-commerce. In other words, businesses may have the opportunity to host products to sell directly on their Facebook pages or direct users to their retail website. This begs the question; will Facebook be less about socializing and more about shopping? To be determined.

3. Reallocation of Paid Ad Budgets
In February, active Facebook advertisers hit the 2 million threshold, making that a 33% increase from the 1.5 million it gathered just six months earlier. That fact alone shouldn’t make it a surprise that marketers are clamoring to push more money into their social media spending budgets. It’s a good thing though, because with several copycat innovations appearing on Twitter, marketers could find other social media networks will take Facebook’s lead in favoring paid posts in the future. Better to be prepared now.

4. Skyrocketing Mobile Growth
Over half a billion mobile-only users is impressive. What’s more is that mobile advertising brought in 76% of Facebook’s total ad revenue for the last quarter. If that doesn’t convince you Facebook advertising is the place to be – we don’t know what will!

5. B2C Outpacing B2B
Lately, Facebook’s updates are emphasizing features that cater to business-to-consumer organizations (i.e. Businesses on Messenger). It makes sense when you consider that 69% of B2C marketers plan to increase Facebook efforts and 68% will select Facebook as their number-one social marketing channel when just 31% of B2B marketers are choosing Facebook as first choice.

6. Continued Survival with Youths
Rest-assured that Facebook is not “dead” to the 12-24 year-old demographic. In a 2015 study, Facebook was found to still be the most used social media site, beating out Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter combined! This means no matter your target age demographic, chances are you can still find them on Facebook.

7. Social Login Supremacy
Does your checkout page allow users to log in using Facebook? If not, it may be time to start. Across several verticals including media, entertainment, consumer brands, and B2B, Facebook is the preferred social login. Faster login equals faster completed transactions, which equals a happy business.

8. Facebook App Diversification
As any successful organization, Facebook continues to diversify their business in trends they find worthy to invest. Instagram, What’s App, and Messenger are just three of the apps we know to have been great investments in 2015. We suspect it will just be a matter of time before we hear more about their virtual reality investment, Oculus Rift. Get ready.

9. More Devices, More Problems.
Apple Watch, Google Glass, and fitness trackers, oh my! Wearable devices open the door for opportunities of push notifications and location-based coupons (like we have seen for RetailMeNot) coming from Facebook. Wouldn’t you like the ability to send a reminder to check-in or a provide coupon to your store right on a customer’s wrist from a trusted app you know they are always logged into? We thought so.

10. A Premium on Privacy
With more and more ways to interact with Facebook, consumers will be even more privy to their privacy. This could make it difficult for cookie-reading and targeting for social media marketers. In which case, it will be important to observe how your target groups shift (bigger or smaller) and make changes to your strategy accordingly. It may mean getting a bit more creative with how you find and target your audience, but we have full confidence in your abilities.

Do you feel more prepared to dominate social media marketing on Facebook?
Share your questions or concerns in the comments!

About the Author: Deanna Zaucha is the Senior Specialist of Content Marketing for Webs and Pagemodo, and also manages our social media presence. She can be found on a dance floor, or on her iPhone keeping up with trends in marketing and tech. Get more from Deanna on Pagemodo’s Blog and Twitter.


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