Organic reach on Facebook has been a bit of a wild ride for social media marketers in the last couple of years. What works is always changing, and if you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to fall behind on all the updates. If you’re trying to reach new audiences and grow your customer base on the social network, Facebook ads are the best way to improve your overall reach. But if you don’t have the budget for paid promotions, recent research suggests that the best way to improve organic reach on Facebook is by sharing videos.

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Infobrandz Infographic Cover

More than ever, marketers are pressured to create original, engaging, and shareable content for the masses to consume. But when people only remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, and are exposed to an increasing amount of content each year (brands increased content by 78% in 2014), it is hard to stay motivated when creating a content marketing plan.

That’s why many of us are relying on visual content to appeal to the 80% of people who remember what they see and do in order to combat these overwhelming statistics. Infographics are a great visual content piece that can achieve this retention goal with your audience; which is why when we found this Feldman Creative infographic on Infobrandz about 25 concepts for creating infographics (SO meta), we knew we had to share with our loyal readers!

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Social Media Customer Service

Social media has become an integral part of any business. With 65% of adults on a social networking site, the channel is more important now than ever before. Within seconds, a business can spread the word about a new product or launch a marketing campaign to the world.

However, social media has also given your consumers a very loud voice.

All businesses should embrace social media support as a way to build new relationships with customers. Providing access to immediate updates for a product or brand can be crucial to a company’s growth since they can use this new voice to become a trusted company within their community.

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The past year has been a busy one in the evolution of Facebook’s News Feed. There have been a number of updates – small and large – that have contributed to a better overall experience for Facebook users, but ever-declining organic reach for the brands attempting to connect with them.

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Wondering where all your impressions went this year? You’re not alone. In order to make sense of the changes that have led to the current state of affairs for business Facebook pages, we’ve put together a simple infographic that tracks the timeline of the News Feed evolution over the past 12 months. Check it out below, and keep reading for details on each update!

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Twitter Mail Vector

Yesterday you may have read from the Twitter Blog that the social network lifted its character limit from private messages. The company commented on the change as follows,

Each of the hundreds of millions of Tweets sent across Twitter every day is an opportunity for you to spark a conversation about what’s happening in your world. That’s why we’ve made a number of changes to Direct Messages over the last few months. Today’s change is another big step towards making the private side of Twitter even more powerful and fun.

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Facebook Advertising Demographics Infographic

We have previously broken down the steps for creating successful Facebook Ads, but we found this infographic provided by Premium IT Solutions extremely helpful in understanding the process even further.

It all starts with understanding your customer.

How well do you know your customer? Be sure to examine ALL of the Facebook demographics at your disposal before you determine who to target your ads to:

1. Target Location
Where is your ideal customer located? Do you only sell your services to certain locations?

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On Tuesday, Facebook received approval for a patent they have been trying to secure since 2012! Usually this would be marked as a joyous occasion, but since the news leaked out about the contents of this patent…there has been a bit of an uproar.

But before you form your own opinion or start defriending everyone, know these four things about Facebook’s new patent:

1. The patent will help filter inappropriate or spam emails and any disrespectful content from being approved to your timeline. In the digital age where everything becomes a meme, and Internet trolls roam the net, this is a welcomed improvement to Facebook. I would be curious if the filtering would also apply to Facebook Business Pages to help marketers and customer support staffs weed out spam posts and be able to focus their attention on concerned customers.

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If you’ve been keeping an eye on Twitter this summer, you might have noticed that the microblogging platform has been doubling down on video. By adding features and announcing new policies over the last few months, Twitter has signaled in no uncertain terms that they see video as the next big thing for the platform. Is it the next big thing for your business? Let’s take a look at what’s been added this summer.

1. Twitter adds auto-play video
Back in June 2015, Twitter announced an update that would make it so that native videos, Vines, and gifs would play automatically as users scrolled through their feeds. Note that this does not apply to YouTube videos – only those uploaded natively through the Twitter app. Twitter also made it clear that auto-play would apply to Twitter’s video ads as well. More about Twitter auto-play here.

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Pagemodo 10 Facebook Trends of 2015

By now we are accustomed to updates and changes from our favorite social media platform to loathe and love: Facebook.

Just this month we learned about yet another News Feed update, which led us to research ALL the changes the social media giant has gone through in 2015. Turns out that many of the statistics we learned are part of larger trends that can mean a lot to you and your business.

To digest all this information, we put together a comprehensive infographic that you can save, share, and use to strategize your social media plan for the rest of the year.

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Instagram Engagement Vector

Seasonality is a factor that we all must take into account when analyzing results. This can be especially true when calculating social media ROI (return on investment).

While most of us would like to believe that everyone is always connected, the summer is a tough time to reach our audiences because, more often than not, we are pushing them to experience more things while the weather is nice.

The key to keeping up the engagement throughout the year is to cater to the season. So this summer, we found a few examples of Instagram accounts that demonstrate how to be cool when the weather is hot!

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