Pagemodo 10 Facebook Trends of 2015

By now we are accustomed to updates and changes from our favorite social media platform to loathe and love: Facebook.

Just this month we learned about yet another News Feed update, which led us to research ALL the changes the social media giant has gone through in 2015. Turns out that many of the statistics we learned are part of larger trends that can mean a lot to you and your business.

To digest all this information, we put together a comprehensive infographic that you can save, share, and use to strategize your social media plan for the rest of the year.

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Instagram Engagement Vector

Seasonality is a factor that we all must take into account when analyzing results. This can be especially true when calculating social media ROI (return on investment).

While most of us would like to believe that everyone is always connected, the summer is a tough time to reach our audiences because, more often than not, we are pushing them to experience more things while the weather is nice.

The key to keeping up the engagement throughout the year is to cater to the season. So this summer, we found a few examples of Instagram accounts that demonstrate how to be cool when the weather is hot!

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Most of us know that consistent photo updates of your new puppy or baby can annoy your friends on Facebook, but have you ever thought of habits your brand may have adopted that can drive visitors away from your Facebook Page?

We collected ten big dos and don’ts your brand should consider before posting on Facebook.
For more details about each do and don’t, scroll down to the explanations after the chart!


  • Be genuine
    As is true for any type of marketing material, on Facebook you must always stay true to your brand. Even if you aren’t sharing promotional material, articles and questions you ask your audience should reflect your industry, your brand, and your mission. This way, no matter where potential customers find your brand they will get an accurate portrayal of who you are and what you aim to do.
  • Post frequently
    As organic reach decreases, you may have the urge to post every hour of the day. But sources say that around five times per day is optimal for sharing on Facebook. This frequency gives you a chance to actually be seen on the Feed, and doesn’t risk annoying your loyal fans.
  • Respond back to timeline posts and comments
    Though we are advocates for scheduling your posts ahead of time, that doesn’t mean you should set it and forget it. Social media is about engaging with your audience, and if you aren’t responding to questions or comments from your fans you are risking losing valuable interactions with potential brand ambassadors.
  • A/B test different types of posts
    One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to Facebook posts. Some fans prefer Facebook videos, while others prefer relevant articles. Therefore, it is in a business’ best interest to A/B test several different types of posts to see which resonate best with their audience.
  • Experiment with Facebook advertising
    We mentioned organic post reach is decreasing since Facebook put an emphasis on their social advertising model. While Facebook ads seem daunting at first, we encourage you to try our Pagemodo Ads tool which simplifies the process for quicker execution and impressive results in reaching more of your audience.


  • Always be selling
    Facebook made an update to deprioritize promotional posts from Pages. This means if you are only talking about yourself on Facebook, your fans are less likely to see it. Try mixing in some of those genuine posts we talked about in the ‘Dos’ to gain some trust with the News Feed before you try to send out more promotional posts. Plus, you can always use Facebook ads for those messages!
  • Spam your audience
    To do well on Facebook, you have to make nice with Facebook. In which case, posting click-bait posts or sharing too many shady contests will push your brand updates far down the News Feed. Yes, we want our audience to click-through our posts and engage, but we don’t want to trick them into doing so.
  • Ignore negative comments
    As much as you aim to please on social media, you can’t please everyone. You must come to terms with the fact that there may be some naysayers who come to comment on your Page – and respond to them! Ignoring their comments will only add fuel to the fire and show other visitors that you can’t take the heat.
  • Create a profile instead of a page for your business
    Unfortunately we see many brands make this simple mistake when setting up their social media presence. It is fairly simple to create a Facebook Page for business, and is extremely helpful when it comes time for users to search for you on the platform.
  • Post to the wrong Facebook account
    Between personal accounts, professional accounts, and any account in between, it is relatively easy to make the social media Freudian slip of posting content meant for one account to another. This is especially true when making updates on mobile. Luckily, with a tool like the Pagemodo social media manager app, you have a clear idea from which account you are posting to lower the chances of this occurring.

Can you think of other dos and don’ts?
Share them with us in the comments!

About the Author: Deanna Zaucha is the Senior Specialist of Content Marketing for Webs and Pagemodo, and also manages our social media presence. She can be found on a dance floor, or on her iPhone keeping up with trends in marketing and tech. Get more from Deanna on Pagemodo’s Blog and Twitter.

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QuickSprout Infographic Cover Image

We have told you when to post, how to post, and where to post. But we have never talked about why we post or engage on social media.

Until now!

Below you will learn why we like, share, comment, and post on Facebook; all thanks to the infographic we found on QuickSprout.

Why We Like
People may “like” a brand because it’s practical and they will get something in return. 35% will “like” to participate in contests, while 42% “like” to get a coupon or discount. Don’t worry—41% still “like” to just receive regular updates about their favorite brands.

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Of all the spaces a brand can occupy on the Internet – between websites, local listings, and social profiles – your Twitter header is certainly one of the biggest canvases you have to work with. So why not take that giant billboard and make it look its very best?

Since it first launched, users have created over a million of Facebook cover photos using Pagemodo Cover Photo Designer – and we’re excited to announce that we’re taking our talents to Twitter! With our new Twitter Header Designer, you can use the same tools, images, backgrounds, fonts, and icons to create a consistent brand across both of your favorite social profiles.

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Facebook News Feed Update

On July 9th, Facebook once again made an update to our hero and arch nemesis, the News Feed.

This time instead of automatically rolling out the changes to everyone’s Feed, Facebook has turned the controls over to the people by allowing users to be able to choose the hierarchy of the posts they see when they reach the platform.

Back in April we saw some algorithm changes that weren’t so great for businesses using the social platform, but we think there may be some good in the newest update.

Up to this point, Facebook used a page’s ranking to order the posts and stories you see in your Feed. They based this ranking on who you interact with, what kinds of content you tend to like, and what you normally comment on.

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Attention social media managers: scheduling your social media posts just got even easier. Today, you can visit the App Store and download the free Pagemodo social media manager app!

If you’re currently a Pagemodo Posts user, then you already know all the cool features this app will offer. But, if you are new to the crew, here’s what you can expect…

Post to Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn
From either your iPhone or iPad you will be able to find, schedule, and share content on the go. With a simple Facebook sign-in you can connect your personal and business accounts to Pagemodo in order to maintain your social presence away from the desk.

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Being the savvy social media marketer that you are, you’re well aware of the importance of content marketing to grow and engage an audience. And while you might already be blogging your heart out, a successful content marketing strategy involves more than just writing articles. If you want to really engage your current readers and have them share your content with new ones, you need to produce a variety of content types.

Overwhelmed already? Don’t be. Creating new pieces of sharable content does not have to mean starting from scratch. If you have a number of blog posts in your back pocket, then you’re more than half way there already.

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It’s a pretty universally known fact nowadays that visuals are the key to greater engagement on social media. Which is why we are always on the lookout for tips, tricks, and tools to help you create eye-catching visuals to share with your fansand followers. Today, that search resulted in a fantastic infographic from the good folks at Column Five Media (via the equally good folks at DesignTaxi).

The infographic below details some key best practices for designing visuals that anyone can master, whether they have design experience or not. Keep these 10 tips in mind when creating your social media graphics with Post Designer, or images for your Facebook ads!

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Happy Social Media Day everybody! ICYMI, June 30th is the global annual celebration of all things social known as Social Media Day. The day was declared back in 2010 by Mashable, and is celebrated in hundreds of locales around the world. The official purpose is to “celebrate the way social media has changed our world – big and small.”

So, what should you do on this hallowed day of social celebration? Here are 5 ideas:

1. Join the conversation about social, on social
There will be LOTS of activity today around the official #SMDay hashtag, so make sure you follow it throughout the day and add your own insights and tips. It’s a great way to find new experts to follow, and make great connections in the social media and marketing world.

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