As social media marketers, we have a lot competing for our attention. Whether it’s monitoring trending topics, sharing relevant content, or networking with other marketers, we rely on systems to help us stay organized. The problem with finding a system that works for you, and then never changing your workflow, is that you might be missing out on some really neat features on your favorite social networks.

But let’s be honest – it’s pretty much impossible to know that you don’t know something that you don’t know. That’s why we’ve collected a list of our favorite little-known, hidden, or long-forgotten features on Facebook and Twitter:

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Twitter has been one busy little bird this spring. While Twitter updates are not uncommon, it’s worth noting that this month alone, everyone’s favorite microblogging platform has released four significant updates to various feature sets. Do you know what they are?

If not, here’s what’s new, and why you should take note: 

1. Retweet With Comments

We’re starting with this one because, well, it’s the one we’re most excited about. For years, Twitter users have been working around the inexplicable inability to ‘quote’ tweets on the desktop the same way they could from their mobile devices. On mobile, we have had the choice between retweeting directly (sending someone else’s tweet out to your own users) and tweet quoting (adding your own comments to a tweet’s content). From the desktop, however, the only option was to directly retweet, or copy and paste the content into a new tweet to add your spin. Since nobody has time for that, the release of the new Retweet with Comments feature is a welcome change.

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Technology evolves rapidly – and that speed doubles (or even triples) with respect to the state of social media. Of course, one of our favorite platforms to discuss is Facebook; and fortunately Facebook updates are constant and riveting.

The latest update to share is of interest for consumers and businesses alike with a focus on mobile, messaging, and monetization: Facebook Messenger.

In just the last year, Facebook has periodically enhanced the messaging feature with voice calling, location sharing, emoticons, and photo sharing. And the last update saw the social giant splitting Messenger away from the Facebook mobile app into its own entity.

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As an ecommerce or online business owner, you understand the value of content marketing. However, understanding its worth and following through with consistent action are two different things. Unless you have a detailed and tangible plan for creating and distributing content, you won’t succeed in this area of business.

Why a content plan matters

In any aspect of business, it’s critical to have a plan. Without one, you wind up getting easily sidetracked by changing trends and developments. For content marketing in particular, it’s important to have a detailed plan to keep you grounded and honest.

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“How do I measure social media ROI?”

According to recent industry reports, that is one of the top five social media marketing questions. Last year 88% of marketers raised this question, and only 37% said they were able to measure it. For big brands, a whopping 78% of marketers said they had trouble measuring social media ROI.

With so much confusion, is there any hope of measuring social media ROI in your small business?
The short answer is yes, but the route there requires a few basic steps.

Let’s face it: tying social media marketing to real business outcomes is complicated. Some have even gone as far as giving up on measuring social media ROI altogether. They claim that social media is ultimately branding, which in their view is increasingly difficult to measure.

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Meerkat and Periscope Logos

By this point, we assume you would have heard about the fierce competition between two new apps on the social media scene: Periscope and Meerkat.

At first glance, these iPhone apps will look incredibly similar.

Both are only available on iOS, they connect to Twitter, and they allow users to take video on their phones and live-stream the footage to their Twitter followers (who follow the link provided by the app).

In truth, there are some major differences between Periscope and Meerkat that have left these two in a tight race for users. But before we talk about those differences, let’s dive into why these apps could be important for your business in the first place…

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Any savvy social media marketer knows that the kind of promotion that worked in the Mad Men era is pretty much the kiss of death in modern social media marketing. Feature-focused declarations, one-to-many conversations, and self-promotional broadcasting are quick ways to lose all of your followers (or never get any in the first place).

Unsure if you’re making any of these social media faux pas in your own marketing? Use the infographic below from The Core to check yourself (before you wreck yourself).

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If you follow Pagemodo on Twitter, then you already know that we spent last week at the fantastic Social Media Marketing World conference, put on by Social Media Examiner. There were so many great speakers that we will definitely be sharing snippets here on the blog for weeks to come. Today we wanted share some insights from one of our favorite sessions, Facebook Ad Fundamentals with Rick Mulready.

As well all know by now, Facebook organic reach is in a bit of a free-fall. As we discussed when the news of another reach decline broke, there are a number of ways to keep your organic reach afloat. But at the end of the day, if you need a more sure-fire strategy for reaching exactly the audience you want, there are some Facebook ads in your future.

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As social networks mature, the information presented to social users becomes more and more filtered. Facebook has limited organic reach for brands, and Twitter is soon to follow with their most recent algorithm update.

Despite this trend, Damien Patton founded a new type of social network to bring back the real-time feel of a social media platform with Banjo.

What is Banjo?
Originally the app was introduced at SXSW in 2012. In the last three years, it has evolved from mobile to the web bringing news to the people in a brand new packaged way:

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People networking

A few of us here at Pagemodo are heading to Social Media Examiner’s whirlwind annual  Social Media Marketing World conference tomorrow, and we are pumped! The event is chock full of networking opportunities, and as we pack up our business cards and finalize our Twitter lists, we thought it might be useful to share some tips for those of you who plan to attend any kind of networking event in the future – large or small.

Every small business owner knows the value of networking and developing a personal brand. But with everything else going on, it can be tough to prioritize the preparations.

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