According to a recent report done by Gigaom Research, digital marketers say email is the most effective tactic across the sales funnel. The study even revealed which digital tactics marketers are using most often. If you examine the chart below you will see that email marketing is used by 86% of the respondents regularly, and social media marketing is used by 72%.

As sophisticated marketers, we know that we can’t depend on a single medium to reach our marketing goals. With this research, we suggest combining email and social to efficiently execute your campaigns.

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Branching communication wires

One of the hardest things to come to grips with when you are getting started in marketing is just how many times and in how many ways you’ll have to repeat your message in order for it to be heard, seen, and shared. Not only does every member of your audience consume information in a different way, you also have to compete for their attention with numerous other marketers. This is especially true when it comes to content that you put out on social media.

The constant updates to Facebook’s ranking algorithms make it especially hard to get your message seen, even by those users who have liked your page and volunteered to see your posts. With this in mind, it can be hard not to be discouraged. But don’t worry – there are still plenty of chances to make social media marketing work for you; all you need is a good plan. One strategy that can prove very successful is a multi-channel approach. By sharing the same (or similar) content across multiple profiles at once, you can not only save time, but also increase the chances of your audience engaging with your message.

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We are pretty sure you may have heard about this company, Apple, that likes to produce technological devices. They have been innovating for the past 30-some-odd years; and on Tuesday they held a conference called #AppleLive to introduce a few more items they have been working on.

All kidding aside, the keynote on Tuesday was jam-packed with devices that have excited the technology community. Leading up to the event there was a lot of speculation on what consumers can expect from the next iteration of Apple, and most would agree that Apple delivered on their promises to keep up.

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New dashboard

After months of testing and designing, we are delighted to introduce an all-new look for Pagemodo’s internal site! Starting this week, Pagemodo users will be greeted by a colorful new dashboard when they log in to manage their social media pages. This new look is now available to all English language users, and is being rolled out to everyone else as we speak.

Why the change?

A big part of our mission here at Pagemodo is to help small business owners save time. Whenever our designers and engineers are working on something new, we start by asking how that feature will make it easier for entrepreneurs to handle their social media marketing and get back to running their business.

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Instagram App Icon Cover Photo

As you know, I love to keep up with the latest and greatest updates from Instagram. Over the past year, I have written about it on the Webs blog, and the Pagemodo blog to discuss product releases and creative brand strategies.

Today is no different; except that I have two updates in one post!

The first: Instagram Hyperlapse.

This feature is similar to Instagram’s video feature. However, instead of limiting yourself to 15 seconds of video you have taken, Hyperlapse allows you to capture time lapse videos that you can speed up between 1x-12x. The tantalization of the technology revolves around not having to keep your phone or camera still while you film because it has built-in stabilization technology. The result is a high-quality video.

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Inspiration image

Earlier this week, my partner-in-crime here on the blog wrote about getting your own blog found, read, and shared across the web. In that article, two of the tactics mentioned are networking with other bloggers, and partnering with syndication websites. This got me thinking – it’s time for a content inspiration roundup!

Below, you’ll find four methods for discovering great content that you can use to learn for yourself, and share with your networks. There are, of course, hundreds of other great content sources on the web, but these are a few of our go-to faves!

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Social media SEO infographic excerpt

The complex world of search engine optimization (SEO) can be overwhelming. Not only are there lots of different search engines to appeal to, the rules are always changing (yes, this means you Google). But one rule that appears to be here to stay is the positive effect that social media links can have for your business’s ranking in search results.

The infographic below, created by the UK firm designbysoap, reports that both Google and Bing have confirmed that signals from social media activity are being noted by search algorithms (which we’ve discussed before). This graphic shows how social signals like sharing can influence ranking, which platforms are most effective, and how author authority affects link weight.

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Blog Sharing Vector

A blog is an asset to any small business’ content marketing strategy. It is a tool that can do more than entertain your current audience; it can reach out to your potential audience. Research finds, “81% of the people online trust information they read on blogs, and 61% of those people have made a purchase based on a blogger’s recommendation.”

But, what good are these statistics if no one is able to find your blog?

Over on the Web’s blog we have talked a lot about the proper ways to start a blog for your small business. And we thought an important addendum to this information is how to SHARE what you are writing.

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ALS IceBucketChallenge Vector

Viral marketing is a home run for small businesses; while you may try to plan for such a campaign, it is merely the combination of the right pitch and excellent timing.

One of the largest viral marketing campaigns we have seen in 2014 is the #IceBucketChallenge. If you haven’t been on Twitter or Facebook in the last month (is that possible?), the premise of this campaign is for a person to donate a certain amount of money to a charity and dump a bucket of ice cold water (with ice still in it) over their head.

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