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If you’ve been keeping an eye on the small business trends, you must have noticed that text messaging is the new black. Why is that? According to the study conducted by Shift Communications, 82% of cell phone owners read every single text they receive. Meanwhile, research from SAP shows that only 17% of consumers find SMS from businesses to be intrusive.

Numbers don’t lie. And the above stats basically give you a green light to try texting for your small business.

But how exactly can SMS make your company thrive? In a nutshell, text messaging can help you boost sales, add credibility to your business, retain customers and improve communication with your staff. read more

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As a local business in the current age, it’s easy to feel like you’re at a disadvantage in online marketing. National or even international businesses with decades of history and million-dollar budgets can easily funnel money into a digital marketing campaign, dominating the search engine results pages (SERPs) of Google and other platforms, and sharply increasing visibility on social media.

However, local businesses actually have a few advantages against their national-scale counterparts. Local businesses can focus their efforts on key geographic areas, both in search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing, to boost relevance and remain competitive. As Dial My Calls explains, “by narrowing the target you are actually broadening your chances of becoming visible to consumers who will actually use your services or buy your products.” read more

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As the top social network, Facebook remains the primary target of advertising and marketing efforts for many small businesses. The platform’s basic setup is especially ideal for service-based businesses, since members often look for referrals from their friends through the site. For firms trying to attract new customers, that makes Facebook an essential online marketing channel.

In recent years, small businesses have struggled to leverage Facebook to reach customers. This is especially true for paid advertising on the site, since still photos superimposed with text tend to oversaturate the market. With Facebook’s video ad feature, small business professionals can provide interesting content that engages customers and gets results. Here are a few tips to help your business use Facebook video ads to your advantage. read more

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Whether you’re an internet whiz or you struggle to navigate the World Wide Web, Facebook Ads are a straightforward and profitable way to get into the realm of social media marketing.

Many small businesses rely on just one or more people to complete a multitude of responsibilities. All too often, marketing gets left behind because there’s no-one on board with the confidence to design and follow through on a campaign. If you run such a company, or are concerned that your boss is missing out on a big opportunity, now is the time to think about Facebook Ads. read more

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Building a website and sharing it with everyone you know on social media is the sunrise in the world of digital marketing. What’s remaining is the rest of the day. Seizing the day will take you above and beyond the realm of your digital marketing strategy. Modern technology has brought digital strategies to the palm of your hands, including mobile CRM, applications, and the internet.

For the most skilled marketeer, this is all in a day’s work.  But if you’re a new business owner or if you operate alone, it means figuring out what marketing mobility is, and then turning theory into practice. read more

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Social media is great, right? It’s a chance to build community, to prospect to new customers, and to create buzz about new things that you’re doing.

But social media holds pitfalls and can be rocky terrain for many small businesses. The wrong post, the wrong photo, and a company can quickly gain an unwanted reputation. And a digital footprint? That’s forever: it never goes away.

And blunders are going to happen. Someone is going to perceive a post in the wrong way. The question is, when one happens, what can you do to fix it? read more

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With the growth of technology, and more so the use of the smartphone, the world has become a global village. Currently, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have over a billion users with majority logging in through mobile devices. There is no doubt that if you are marketing your small business you would do great with mobile advertising.

To give you an insight into the future of mobile marketing, an eMarketer’s study of 2015 showed that the budget being allocated to mobile ads by today’s businesses is on the rise. Based on the report, 49% of the budget allocated for digital marketing by US businesses in 2015 was used on mobile ads. This is a 50% increase from 2014 figures. The report goes further to estimate that by 2019, the numbers will increase to 79%. read more

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Successful online marketers are always on their toes. They constantly adapt to new trends and technology to have an edge over their competition.

Do you think you have what it takes to join their ranks? Then you should always think and act fast.

For example, remember when Google announced that more searches now occur on mobile devices than on computers? That was 2 years ago. And yet, a lot of website owners and bloggers still don’t have a mobile marketing strategy in place.

By now, it’s clear that mobile is the future of digital marketing. With technologies like VR and live video streaming, users are growing more concerned over mobile experience. In fact, 57% of them will refuse to recommend a business if it has a subpar mobile site. read more

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A well-defined marketing budget helps you measure and manage what you invest in acquiring new customers and reconnecting with existing ones. It can also help you identify opportunities to optimize the tactics that result in the most bang for your marketing buck.

Here’s a deeper look at the importance of a marketing budget and how to structure one that helps improve your business.

It forces you to be more strategic. Much like a budget for your personal finances, a marketing budget forces you to think carefully about where you spend — and where you can save. This can be especially important for small business owners when the temptation to execute a last-minute social media campaign to drive lagging sales strikes. Or, when that aggressive salesperson from the local reviews based website or newspaper uses high-pressure sales tactics that are difficult to decline. read more

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Today, personalization in content is everything. In a world where customers are becoming more differentiated, and individuality is a major selling point, a tailor-made digital material is essential.

Upwards of 60% of online consumers think it’s important to know how and why websites select personalized content for them, and personalized emails earn transaction rates six times higher than non-personalized emails.

Furthermore, email is already a personal form of media. You’re sending it directly to someone, so personalization is a must. read more


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